Events/ Late-night opening at Braunschweigerstr. 66

The Berlin Book Nook at Braunschweigerstrasse 66 has lots of cosy seating and is perfect for evening events. In addition to the occasional one-off, we host a few regular (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) events, as well as themed late-night opening during the week. Basic refreshments (mineral water, salty sticks, the occasional peanut) are provided at the events. On a weeknight, if there isn't an event on, the shop will be open until 11.30pm (or later). Our late-night opening comes with a different theme on each night of the week. More details on these below. Please note that the Braunchweigerstr. shop may not open until the late afternoon/ early evening. Please consult our opening hours for up-to-date information.


This is an opportunity for you to come and read - and buy! - our books late into the night. Whatever the night, your reading will be accompanied by the smoothest of smooth music and enable by lighting that is sharp where it needs to be - and subdued elsewhere. You are always welcome to bring your own drink. These are all quiet events and conversation levels shouldn't be higher than those you expect in a public library - after all, the space is a refuge from the urban clamour beyond our gates.

We kick off at 8pm (although, of course, the shop is open before then), and run on until 11.30pm. Please arrive no later than 11pm.

Our books are all for sale. If you get into something, please consider buying it - book sales fund these events.


Monday nights are LEAF THROUGH. As we all know, the tea leaf has stimulating properties, making its brew an ideal companion for leaf-ing through a book with that extra little bit of focus. I know, I know, terrible play on words, but we do our best (secretly very pleased with the play on words). A kettle and a selection of teas will be available on the night. With or without a cuppa, pick a book - or two, or three - from our huge selection, and settle down for the evening.


Tuesdays are THE LITERARY CRUISE! Read our books all evening in the ingeniously fashioned and very cosy reading room in the company of others, or retreat in ones and twos into the little nooks for private reading.


Wednesdays nights are TOTAL STIMULATION! By this we mean the optimal combination of coffee and books. We have one of those espresso machines and you're welcome to at least attempt to work it (don't worry, it does work - and we have coffee beans too)

THURSDAY - "LOAF!": Bread & Books

Thursday nights are LOAF! This may be Berlin's only Bread n' Books event. If the tea and coffee defining the events earlier in the week give you caffeine to speed up the calorie-burning process, LOAF! brings you some actual calories to burn during reading. Slice or no slice, you will be able to choose from thousands of books to settle into for the evening. Our reading room is perfect if you like a bit of company, and there are couple of more secluded spaces too if that is your preference.


The ironically-named Klubnacht is both a tribute to and refuge from the big Berlin night out. At our Klubnacht, there is no dancing - just reading, writing and thinking. Loud talking is also discouraged. You can bring your own drinks and snacks to share. Klubnacht kicks off at 9pm and runs until 1am. Please arrive no later than midnight. If you get into a book, please consider buying it - this is how we find our operation.


Second Thursday of the Month (except April): "LITERARY QUESTIONS" (QUIZ)

THE BERLIN BOOK NOOK QUIZ. This is a real highlight - currently the best-attended event. In addition to an exquisitely-crafted 20 questions on all matters literary, expect 10 real crowd-pleasers from a rotating guest discipline (philosophy, history, art, etc). For an unbeatable mix of titillating erudition and unabashed conviviality, "Literary Questions" is the not to be missed. Please arrive by 8.30pm.

1st and 3rd Friday of the month: "KLUBNACHT - THE ANTIDOTE"
KLUBNACHT - THE ANTIDOTE is both a tribute to and a refuge from the big Berlin night out. This is how our KLUBNACHT works:

- subdued central lighting, good local lighting for reading
- no talking, no dancing. Just reading, writing, thinking.
- bring your own drink/snacks along to share
- From 9pm and deep into the night
- If you get into one of our books, please consider buying it: this is how we fund our operation!

4th Friday of the month: "TRANSFOR(U)M - WONDERFUL SALON"

An largely unstructured evening of high-, mid-, and low-brow fun! Come as you are or wish to be! All welcome. We're Queer Here!