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Searching by author: All entries where the author field contains what you enter will be returned. Sometimes the translator (in the case of literature in translation) is included in the author filed, so if you want to see everything by Ivan Turgenev, for example, enter "Turgenev, Ivan", or everything by Franz Kafka, enter "Kafka, Franz". Sometimes an editor/other authors (in the case of anthologies or works composed by two or more authors) is included in the author field. The system will make suggestions when you start typing and you can either accept one of these or not. The author format is almost always "last name, first name", but may occasionally be the other way round, so if you want to be absolutely certain of seeing everything by a particular author, simply enter the surname and ignore anything written by another author who shares the surname of the author you are interested in.

Searching by title: Titles beginning with an article ("The" or "A"/"An") are often listed with the article at the end, after a comma (e.g. "Line of Beauty, The", "Book of Laughter and Forgetting, The", "Brief Guide to Myth, A"). All entries where the title field contains what you enter will be returned, and it's normally enough to limit your search to a keyword. For example, searching for "Chesil" will return "On Chesil Beach". When this guidance was written, "Crime and" returned Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment" and Eysenk's "Crime and Personality".

Searching by keyword: Nearly all books in the database include a description sourced from, the publisher, or Google Books (amongst other sources). Searching by keyword(s) can be a great way of finding titles on or bearing some relation (albeit sometimes tangentially) to a particular subject (e.g." "Spanish Civil War", "Ireland", "Florence", "love").

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