"Wittgenstein in 90 Minutes" for sale at The Berlin Book Nook

Title: Wittgenstein in 90 Minutes
Author: Strathern, Paul
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 04/18/1996

Description (from goodreads.com):
"If we accept Wittgenstein's word for it," Paul Strathern writes, "he is the last philosopher. In his view, philosophy in the traditional sense was finished." Ludwig Wittgenstein was a superb logician who distrusted language & sought to solve the problems of philosophy by reducing them to logic. All else-- metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics, finally even philosophy itself--was excluded. They were all wrong, he argued. "What we cannot speak about," he declared, "we must pass over in silence." In Wittgenstein in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert account of Wittgenstein's life & ideas, & explains their influence on the struggle to understand existence in the world. The book also includes selections from Wittgenstein's work; a brief list of suggested reading for those who wish to push further; & chronologies that place Wittgenstein within his own age & in the broader scheme of philosophy.

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